Mobile Pro Sports Massage

Mobile Pro Sports Massage Treatments & Recovery

There are some HUGE  benefits to Mobile Sports Massage Treatments, the main one being it's super convinient. Who gets home from work/ gym/ sports clubs & wants to go back out again right?

- My Nubis Physio Pro portable physio table takes 3min to put up!

- There should be electricity for my electric pump

- As long as i have space to walk round the massage table comfortably we are all good!

- 1h or 1.5h sessions available

- Clients choise of location completely varies eg. at home in their living room, back room ect

- All services are personalized to your individual needs

  • Massage/ Manual Therapy
  • Cupping Massage
  • Gua Sha Tool
  • Wood tool Therapy
  • Magnetic Field Frequency QAF
  • Frequency Specific Microcurrent Method FSM
  • BionMed clinical (magnetic field, ultrasound, infra red light, blue light)

If you are an Athlete in need of a Next Level ProSports Treatment-Massage or even Coaching, please contact me!

Sessions available in:

  • Different Swiss Cities
  • Stuttgart, DE
  • Munich, DE
  • Vienna, A
  • Innsbruck, A
  • Milano, I
  • Paris, F
  • other Countries & Cities on request!

If you have any questions about my Mobile visits just message me


„Recovery habits are most important"